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JUNE 26 - 28, 2021

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There will be another VIRTUAL SEMINAR in 2023.

​Classes will be published in February. 

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Beginning Blooms Wreath (4 hours)Judy CarusoB/MSA-1

Here’s your opportunity to use all 8 thread weights and 19 beginner-level stitches in one design. And, you can spin in a circle as you do it! Pretty springtime flowers grace this wreath and your eye will journey around trying to find them all. Design by Judy Borreson Caruso.

Wisteria Bonsai (4 hours)Deborah GoffA/HSA-2

Learn my technique for doing double knotted cast-ons for the wisteria flowers. Stitch an intricate stalk-like green and brown moss constructed of five side drizzles and knotted cast-ons off of a single drizzle.  Learn to do the raised stem stitch and several other stitches.  Stitch a dragon that appears majestic befitting a bonsai pot. Design by Debbie Goff.

Winter SnowflakeDebbie KelleyI/MSA-3
The original title of this design was "Fun With Shisha and Beads", and that’s exactly what we will do in class! We’ll learn a fun way to attach shisha mirrors to fabric using beads, plus incorporate stitches to make the "arms" of this beautiful snowflake.  No doodle cloth will be provided in class. This pattern will be available printed on white, purple, or turquoise trigger cloth. Design by Debbie Kelley, DK Designs.




Bullions (under 35 wraps)

Cast-ons (under 35 casts)

Knots (french, colonial, pistil stitch)

Lazy Daisy

Blanket Stitch

Satin Stitch




Spiderweb Weaving

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID

Christmas Ornaments (4 hours; morning only)

Judy Borreson CarusoB/MSUA-1

Eight Ornaments in 4 Hours! Oh my! Students can choose to stitch as many of the ornaments as they would like. Each ornament has its own kit. The eight ornaments are: Candles, Cardinal, Drum, Nutcracker, Penguin, Reindeer, Snowman, and Wreath. The ornaments will be taught in the order determined at the start of the class. Students may wish to take the Ornament Finishing class offered later in the week. Design by Judy Borreson Caruso

Enchanted Jungle (Two 4-hour sessions; am & pm)

Mendie CannonA/LSUA-2 & SUP-2

I have always been fascinated by the various creatures and flora you might find in the jungles of Africa and now you can stitch them and have a bright, fun design with a lion, giraffe, monkey and more.  The flowers and leaves are all so different than any we have here in the USA and a delight to see come alive as you stitch and, of course, there is the waterfall and rainbow. Design by Rosalie Wakefield, Millefiori.

Summer's Exotic Sunflowers (Two 3-hour sessions; am & pm)
Debbie KelleyA/MSUA-3 & SUP-3

Three beautiful and unusual sunflowers, Prado Red, Teddy Bear, and Chocolate Cherry. Each sunflower uses a different cast-on stitch technique. Session one will consist of stitching the self-padded Boucle leaf and the Cire fly-stitch leaf plus the Prada Red sunflower (left).  Session two will concentrate on the remaining two sunflowers.  I hope you like cast-ons!  A doodle cloth will be provided.  Printed on silk noil (raw silk) or white trigger. Design by Debbie Kelley, DK Designs.

Aloha Pineapple (3 hours, afternoon only)Patti LeeB/LSUP-1

The pineapple is commonly recognized as a sign of hospitality and friendship; it is a symbol of the Hawaiian Aloha spirit. This is a fun and easy pattern with basic B.E. stitches. In this class you will practice stem stitch, outline stitch, 8-wrap bullions and fly stitch on the doodle cloth in class and will learn how they are used on the pineapple pattern. With instructions provided for the pineapple colors in the photograph, we will share ideas for you to explore your creativity by using the same stitches with different colors and weight threads to make your own unique pineapples. We’ve been studying them and they are all different! 

Technical Innovations

Combinations and Speciality stitches

Detached Buttonhole (more than 2 rows 7 loops)

Bullions over 80 wraps

Cast-on over 80 loops

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Monday Afternoon  June 28, 2021

Monday Morning  June 28, 2021

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Florida Seasons (4 hours)Debbie GoffI/HMA-1

Delight in the four seasons Florida style. Enjoy spring orchids and orange blossoms, summer exotic trumpet flowers and lilies, fall chrysanthemums and maple leaves, winter strawberries, pine cones, holly berries, and snow flake decorations.  Design by Deborah Goff.

Spring Cherry BlossomsDebbie KelleyA/HMA-2

If you have problems with long bullions, especially curved ones, this class is for you! Seven delicate ornamental double cherry blossoms resting on a backdrop of blanket stitch leaves, a beautiful representation of the first signs of spring! We will work on long bullions, making sure they are even, tight, and under control!  Design by Debbie Kelley, DK Designs.

Spring Wreath (4 hours)Judy CarusoI/MMA-3

Spring Wreath brings a beautiful medley of blues, purples, pinks and greens. Included are cheerful Johnny-Jump-Ups, Trillium, Bleeding Heart and other spring-blooming flowers. An intermediate design, Spring Wreath features mostly beginner-level stitches with intermediate-level double cast-ons, wrapped chain stitch and detached buttonhole. Three black beads are used for the centers of the anemones. Design by Judy Caruso Borreson.

/L = LOW: Students will have time in class to practice all techniques/stitches taught.  

Class will be relaxing and informative.
/M = MEDIUM: Average students will have time to try the techniques/stitches taught. 

Class material will be covered quickly and thoroughly at a medium pace.
/H = HIGH: Class will be fast-paced with LOTS of information/stitching/techniques. 

Students who work at a slower pace could have difficulty.  

Saturday Afternoon June 26, 2021

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Teneriffe Lace MedallionLoretta HolzbergerB/LSP-1

Teneriffe lace is a Spanish lace form especially done in the Tenerife Islands. As the Europeans pushed west and settled South America the art form followed.  This can be incorporated into Brazilian embroidery, but in the class we will concentrate on the basics, setting up a circular "loom", then weaving and filling the area with stitches. Design by Loretta Holzberger.

Summer Trellis (4 hours)Deborah GoffA/HSP-2

Enjoy stitching a beautiful summer trellis loaded with fancy fuchsias, bougainvillea, bullion-cast-on-picot roses, Maria’s roses, rolled roses, star jasmine, and yellow star flowers. Design by Deborah Goff.

Hope Chest (4 hours)Mendie CannonA/LSP-3

There was a time when each young lady had a"“hope chest" filled with linens she had hand embroidered for her home when she got married. Our hope chest contains a blanket and two pillows embroidered and ready for our home. This is also a time when you might want to include a small pin or charm that has some meaning within your family to make this chest your very own. Design by JDR Brazilian Embroidery.

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Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Sue's BouquetMendie CannonI/LMP-2

This lovely spring bouquet will brighten up any location and draw lots of oohs and aahs.  The roses, daisies, violets and more will keep spring in your home all year round. Design by Delma Moore, Blackberry Lane.

Blue Bumblebees (4 hours)Debbie GoffA/HMP-2

Did you know there are blue bumble bees? Ever since I saw them, I’ve wanted to stitch them with some flowers and honeycomb.  he honeycomb is stitched as needlelace. The bees have fused organza stump-work wings. Swarovski crystals added to the honeycomb. Design by Deborah Goff.

Fun Flowers (4 hours)Loretta HolzbergerA/MMP-3

Have fun making some flowers that feature some of my unique stitches and techniques into a pretty bouquet.  Techniques include a quad drizzle, edging with the Mediterranean knotted stitch, double cast-on/bullion combo, beaded drizzle, and padding with felt. Design by Loretta Holzberger.


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Variations on all Basic Stitches

Detached Buttonhole (2 rows 7-loop maximum)

Double cast-on (flat & drizzle styles)

Bullions (35-80 wraps)

Cast-on (35-80 casts)

Needle Weaving

Saturday Morning  June 26, 2021


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