Class Title (designer)InstructorLevelClass Code
Getting Started*Sandy Velin, Pat Campbell, Peggy Daschbach-MartinB/LTA-1
Do you feel a little intimidated to be at seminar and attending classes with people who seem like they know what they are doing? If so, this class is for you. This class and these teachers offer over 50 years of combined stitching experience. We will talk about the basics of getting started, from how to open a skein of thread, threading the needle and knotting the thread, to kinds of fabric and organizing yourself for stitching. We will talk about needles, other sewing aids and tools, and terms you will probably hear used all week. We will demonstrate stitches and give you the opportunity to practice them. The class will be an opportunity to ask questions with no pressure or feeling like you are holding up the rest of the class. And, this class is the perfect segue to Getting Started Part 2-Pigmania and a week of wonderful stitching. Stitches included: stem, satin, French knot, bullion, cast on, buttonhole, detached buttonhole.  Material Fee $5 - includes doodle cloth, needles, needle threader, thread puller
Stitchers Review  Sampler*
Debbie Kelley
Been out of B.E. for a while? Is this your first seminar and you just want to double check your stitch knowledge? Need to have some pointers on your bullions, cast-on, satin stitch, etc.? Unsure of a stitch you should know for one of your classes? This just might be the class for you!  The following stitches will be reviewed (demonstrated by instructor, practiced by students), in class: Stem Stitch, Outline Stitch, Bullions and Cast-on (short straight, slightly curved, & long curved), lazy daisy, knotted or bullion lazy daisy, couching, French and colonial knots, one and two row detached buttonhole. The design IS a doodle cloth! If there is time, we can review other techniques or stitches the students may need to be familiar with in their other classes. Material Fee $12 - Includes print on fabric, stitch instruction booklet, & photo.
Casa de Los Flores
Michele Rounds
I/MTA-3 & TP-2

The house of many flowers is warm and inviting with the sound of the palms swaying in the wind and the lull of the waves in the distance. Here you will learn needle weaving, S.A.M.’s, crochet chain and double drizzle. Knowledge of the basic stitches will be helpful.  

Material Fee  $14 - includes instructions, fabric print, S.A.M. handout (thank you, Rosalie Wakefield), doodle cloth and beads.  Other Supplies:  Pin cushion, crochet hook anywhere from a C to a G and #18 Darner

Canada's Rose
Ruby ScruggsI/MTA-4

Canada’s Rose is one of Rosalie Wakefield early designs and she dedicated it to Canadian B.E. teachers for their wonderful hospitality at a teaching seminar in 1995. (Thank you, Rosalie, for the honor of teaching this beautiful rose 22 years later!) The interwoven cast-on petals are made with running cast-on stitches, stitched in the round to create the beautifully scalloped rose petals. Lily Bells, stitched with a unique cast-on combination, the two-step lazy daisy asters, and a sprinkle of statice flowers add beauty to the floral bouquet. A variety of leaves are growing in this design, including self-padded raised close herringbone leaves. 

Material Fee $15 – includes color photo, printed design, complete instructions, and beads.

Loretta HolzbergerA/MTA-5

Spring is here and the wisteria is in bloom. Create your own with lots of bullions and 3-thread drizzles. Technically considered advanced, but not difficult so anyone with intermediate skills should be comfortable in this class. The foreground rocky hill is appliqued print fabric with your choice of greenery added. 

Material Fee $12 - includes screen printed linen blend fabric, print fabric for applique, and instructions. Other Supplies:  Drizzle cushion

Holiday Magic Part I
Jinx Shearer
A/MTA-6 & TP3
Holiday Magic is a piece I designed for my students . You will work with our rayon threads also some silk, wool, cotton, cotton blends, ribbon, metallic, beads and some surprises. Each of the Holiday Magic squares have some good tips on what you are creating in the squares. It will be fun! Holiday Magic is a 15 hour classes divided into three parts. You may take part I  which consists of two sessions, part II also consists of two session and part III has one session. It is suggest that you take all 3 parts, but it is not required that you take all three. Material Fee $20 - Includes print, doodle cloth, silk, wool, cotton, cotton blends, ribbon, metallic, beads and some surprises.  Other Supplies: Bring a 6" hoop and 10" hoop


Pig Mania*
Peggy Daschbach-Martin, Pat Campbell, Sandy Velin

This little pig went to Seminar! A great way to perfect and practice the basic B.E. stitches, this is a sweet, beginning level design, which will be taught to the level of beginning stitchers, but can also be taken by those with more experience. It is a great companion class to “Getting Started”, but can also be taken independently. Team teachers, Peggy, Pat, and Sandy, who have over 50 years of Brazilian embroidery experience, will show you how easy it is to make lovely bullions, French knots, and cast-ons, as well as stem, stacked stem, leaf, couching, and spider web stitches. And while there are no pistil stitches on this design, we will show you some tips to make perfect pistil stitches, too. As a special bonus, we’ve included one of Peggy’s little fairies with the flowers. The fabric is a lovely rayon/linen blend, with nice texture and body, and is a joy to stitch on. The finished piece can be framed or turned into your very own “pig pillow”.  

Material Fee $12 - includes printed design, full instructions, color photo, doodle cloth, and Kreinik. Other Supplies:   Blunt weaving needle for Lola, and a wash out marker. A 4.5" x 9" hoop is helpful, but not mandatory.

Casa de Los FloresMichele Rounds
I/MTA-3 & TP-2
Holiday Magic Part I
Jinx ShearerA/MTA-6 & TP-3
Tea Time - Tea Service* (Mary Kurbis)Mendie CannonB/MTP-4
We’re having a tea party so we need a teapot, creamer and sugar bowl and, of course, a cup and saucer. We will create the cup and saucer in ivory and gold with beautiful roses in the color of your choice. The tea pot, sugar bowl, and creamer designs will be available for purchase should you want the complete set. Stitches include stem, couching, bullion, French knot, and cast-on. Material Fee $15 - includes design preprinted on fabric, instructions, doodle cloth, beads. The sugar bowl, creamer and cup and saucer will be available for $10 each.
Blue Elegance* (Anna Scott)
Ann Frazier
I/MTP-5 & WP-4

Blue Elegance is a design by Anna Scott of Kangarilla, South Australia. While Anna worked the design in crewel wools, I will be teaching it using DMC stranded cotton threads. Students will create a modern version of a traditional 17th century Jacobean design. Stitches included 19 basic and more advanced hand-embroidery stitches, including two different couched fillings and long and short stitch shading. 

Material Fee $30 - includes: Detailed instructions with diagrams, a color photograph of the finished design, fabric with traced design, doodle cloth, a booklet of stitches, threads and needle. Other Supplies:   A needle threader and a 7 " or 8 " embroidery hoop

A Designer's World
Debbie KelleyI-A/MTP-6 & FP-6

Creation, Execution and Communication. Have you ever wondered what goes through a designer’s mind during the design process? Where do the ideas come from? What inspires the designer? How in the world does she come up with these things? The first part of this class will focus on the creative process. Each student will be given a package of items and threads (not the same as last time!) to use for inspiration and as part of their own design. Students will also begin the creation (sketch) and execution (stitching) of their project. If a student gets "stuck", I will be there to help them along. It isn’t necessary that students be able to draw, just an open mind and letting the creative juices flow (yes, you DO have them!)  The second session will focus on the instruction writing process and what is involved in translating a 3-dimensional process into words and 2-dimensional diagrams. Each student will be taking notes and planning their own instructions in a brain- storming session.  

Material Fee $10 -includes doodle cloth, design guide, items for possible inclusion in student’s design. Students may want to bring their laptop, ipad/tablet, or whatever they might need so they can take notes and write instructions. Other Supplies: 3" or 4" hoop if you use one.


Beautiful Fancy Flower
Ruby Scruggs


This flower was inspired by a beautiful fancy flower discovered on the Shagufta Fyms blog. Each petal is created by stitching on bars above the fabric rather than stitching into the fabric. The concept is quite simple, and with beads to embellish each petal, the result is a unique and lovely flower to add to your bouquet. The leaves are stacked stem stitch with a hint of Candlelight floss included to bring out highlights of color and morning dew. This class is listed as a basic one, but intermediate and even the most advanced stitcher will find this to be an interesting and fun flower stitch to learn. It also can be used to create very unusual leaves that add interest and variety to your designs.
Material Fee $18 – includes color photo, printed design, complete instructions, Candlelight floss, and beads.  Other Supplies: Tapestry needle, self-standing or hands-free hoop (optional but very useful).

Through the Arbor (Sharon Shetley)
Mary-E. CrichtonI/MWA-2 & WP-2

Instead of Through the Looking Glass or the Rabbit Hole we are going Through the Arbor for a glimpse of the Mad Hatter’s magic world. Skipping down the cobblestone path we first encounter a charmed hookah and various roses, mosses and hydrangea along with some magic mushrooms, wisteria and a braided flower draping from the arbor overhead. Do I spy a rabbit with a carrot? Is that the Mad Hatter’s hat blowing by? Is that a crystal butterfly? Continue along the path for hours of delightful stitching. Stitches included stem, couching, French knot, alternating satin stitch leaves, bullion, cast-on, straight stitch, seed stitch, Hungarian braid and something new—the Un-Retwist stitch.

Material Fee $12 - includes a photo, instructions, Swarovski crystal butterfly, silk ribbon and design printed on fabric. Other Supplies: Hoop or Q-Snap frame, milliners needles, sharps and embroidery needles, rayon sewing thread to attach the crystal and charm, regular sewing supplies and a doodle cloth. A chenille needle #26 and DMC cotton floss

Newcomber Crazy Patchwork*
Debbie GoffB/HWA-3 & WP-3

Are you new to Brazilian embroidery or are you looking for a comprehensive beginning sampler to learn and practice your stitches? Flowers included are Japanese Violet, Kalmia, Peach Blossom, Creeping Flower, Almond Blossom, Knotted Lazy Daisy, Rolled Rose, Cast-on Flower, French Hydrangea, Geron Daisy, and Bullion Rose. Critters included are a snail, grasshopper, dragonfly, and a spider. Many thanks to Maria Freitas for giving me permission to teach design elements that she has published in EdMar designs and books. Stitches included braid, bullion, running bullions, detached buttonhole, double buttonhole cast-on , double cast-on, up-down cast-on, couching, up-down cast-on drizzle, double knot, feather, fly, French knot, Hopper, knotted lazy daisy, loop, Marseille knot, Palestrina knot, twisted lazy daisy, outline, oyster, pistil, satin, stem, knotty stem, scroll.

Material Fee: $15 - includes design printed on fabric, instructions, picture, beads, and doodle cloth. EdMar full skeins thread kit is available for $43.20. A full kit is available for $40 including design printed on fabric, instructions, picture, beads, and doodle cloth, ample supply of EdMar threads, needles, threader, thread puller.

Silk Painting & Creative DesignLoretta Holzberger, Sandy WatsonAll / LWA-4 & ThA1

Do you want to have more control over your background color? We will teach you how to use silk paints to enhance your stitching! It is so much fun. Bring old clothes- or an apron and gloves. You might get dirty! We will teach you different methods to achieve the results you want. This is the class you were asking for!  

Session 1: We will show you techniques for silk dying. You will be provided with 2 small (8 x 10) and one larger piece of silk to dye yourself. The dyes will be provided. The designs you create will be drying until the next class session. We will discuss color choice and contrast in preparation for the next session.
Session 2: Using the larger dyed cloth, we will go through the process of choosing the area of cloth - creating the design and beginning stitching. Particular attention will be paid to each challenge of what stitch and thread weight might be most effective for creating the design. Participants are encouraged to bring a picture or sketch of what they would like to create.You will be provided with an acrylic design sheet and a pen to create your design. 

Material Fee $12 - includes 3 pieces of silk to paint, the use of our paint supplies, an acrylic design sheet and pen to create your design.  Other Supplies:   8"X10" stretcher bars and tacks or 8" plastic hoop, or Q-Snap frame,

The Language of Design & Embroidery
Charlene NewlinI-A /MCANCELLED

CANCELLED.   Explore the elements and principles of art and the relationship to embroidery. A video presentation, class discussion on embroidery design from sketch to stitch, review embroidery stitch groups and the use for dimensional embroidery, finishing and framing embroidery work, experiment and create stitches on a doodle cloth or sampler with EdMar™ threads. Student provides assorted threads of all weights for in class stitching and favorite basic stitch book.

Material Fee $5 - includes printed materials and sample of Tabe  by EdMar.  Other Supplies: Pencil and paper for notes; basic embroidery with assorted needles; poplin or homespun fabric in cotton/ polyester 10" x 10"

Glory & Voo
Debbie Kelley
A/MWA-6 & WP-6

A gloriosa lily, and a voodoo lily, or are they? Two ladies having tea, or are they flowers? Are they something Alice may have encountered on her journey to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Glory’s beautiful dress is stitched with stacked split stitch, stacked stem stitch, detatched Auto Palestrina knots, and cast-on lace. Her hat is woven and adorned with French knot flowers. Voo’s beautiful dress is stitched with some of the same stitches and also the Wavy Cast-on. Students will learn and practice both hats and dresses, and the foreground in class. If you don’t care for the colors shown, contact me and I’ll substitute colors for you. It is also possible to finish Voo’s dress down to the hem and make it appear more like a skirt. It will be helpful to be familiar with cast-ons, stem stitch, French knots, and bullions. The ladies are stitched on Raw Silk Chamois (I recommend a backing fabric for the silk). Stitches include cast-on, stem stitch, French knots, and bullions.

Material Fee $12 - includes design printed on fabric, instructions, photo. Complete thread kit $50 extra. A trigger doodle cloth will be provided.


Shadow Work Flower
Ruby Scruggs
This class will introduce you to shadow work with a simple design that all levels of students will enjoy doing. The flower petals and leaves are done with closed herringbone stitch that is worked on the back side of a sheer fabric. It makes a series of X’s that shadow through and produce neat little backstitches around the edge of the design on the front side. Outline stitches add details needed to complete each petal and the leaves. This is a design that you will be able to complete at seminar and it will give you the confidence to move on to bigger and more elaborate shadow work projects.
Material Fee $15 - includes color photo, instructions, traceable pattern, sheer fabric, lining fabric, and beads. Other Supplies:  Fine lead mechanical pencil.

Through the Arbor
Mary-E. Crichton
I/MWA-2 & WP-2
Newcomber Crazy Patchwork*
Debbie Goff
B/HWA-3 & WP-3
Blue Elegance*Ann FrazierI/MTP-5 & WP-4
Her Royal Hippo-nessRosalie Wakefield
HRH, Her Royal Hippo-ness, wears her all-important tiara, pearls, purse and sensible shoes, with her formal floral frock that features dimensional flowers from her favorite habitat, the swamp (her mud-puddle-sized garden) in the African savanna. You can fit a LOT of flowers on a hippopotamus: Chocolate Covered Cherry Coleus, Frosted Donettes, the new Savanna Rose, Desert Star, Twizzle Penstemon, Cupcake Cosmos and Fireball Marigold (all new, “real” flowers from the latest Park Seed Catalog), all handy in case she needs a snack. HRH poses with her companion, Daisy Bird, who gives her relief from “itches” in places where she didn’t know she had places. Thread your needle and travel with us to the African floral wilderness for a true adventure in Brazilian dimensional embroidery. Stitches are all combinations of standard dimensional stitches, used in new and different ways.
Material Fee  $15  -  includes  color  photo,  printed  design,  complete  instructions,  and  beads.  Doodle  cloths  will  be provided. Other Supplies: If you hoop, bring an 8" hoop. We will work on doodle cloths (bring a 4" or 5" hoop), 2 darners, needle threader, pincushion and embroidery and milliners needles. If you have a #15 milliners needle, please bring it. You may wish to substitute colors, so bring just a few strands of Glory, Iris and Lola for doodling.

Glory & VooDebbie Kelley
IWA-6 & WP-6


Silk Painting & Creative Design
Loretta Holzberger, Sandy Watson
All / MWA-4 & ThA1
This class provides the beginner stitcher with step-by-step instructions and for the more advanced stitcher a refresher and maybe some new flowers. There are over 50 gorgeous flowers to stitch along a heart shape. This design can be finished in numerous ways – a gift, monogrammed for a wedding, a book cover, pillow or box top, to mention a few. However it is finished, it will be a treasure for years to come.
Winter Wreath
Judy CarusoI/MThA-2 & ThP2
Winter foliage and flowers are vibrant with an array of greens, pinks, whites and reds. This design includes a Christmas cactus, pine bough, Christmas rose, holly, and mistletoe. There is even a cardinal sticking his head out of the pines. This design is basic enough for beginner but will be taught at the pace of an intermediate stitcher. Stitches include cast-on, double cast-on, double cast-on drizzle, satin, straight, fly, French knot, wrapped stem, stacked stem, alternating satin stitch leaf, bullion, buttonhole, couching, and lazy daisy.
Material Fee $20 - includes fabric with design; beads; Kreinik braid #4 - 9192; photo; and instructions. Other Supplies:  Milliners needles 1, 3, 5 and 7; #10 beading needle; Treasure Braid TR40 (optional); 4 -6 inch hoop.

The Heart of Texas* (Millefiori)
Mendie CannonI/MThA-3
The wildflowers of Texas display a glorious riot of color as they bloom here with the beautiful rayon floss. A good-luck horseshoe holds popular wildflowers of Texas bluebonnet, Indian paintbrush, prairie verbena, Mexican primrose and the Indian blanket flower or fire wheel gaillardia and combines basic dimensional stitches to create a beautiful and lucky bouquet. We will also learn a bit about Texas along the way. Stitches include outline, stem, lazy daisy, bullion, colonial knot, up/down cast-on, satin, and buttonhole. This is a Millefiori design by Rosalie Wakefield.  Material Fee:   $15 - includes design preprinted on fabric, instructions, doodle cloth, and beads.
Double Ruffled Peony* (DK Design)Mary-E. Crichton
I-A /I

This lovely design is quite striking with the large double ruffled peony anchoring the bottom. Simple greenery, Sugar Drops and Ruby’s Flower complete the design. You will be expected to be familiar with bullion, lazy daisy, detached buttonhole, stem stitch, satin stitch, turkey work, cast-on stitch, couching and drizzle stitch.

Material Fee $12- includes a photo, instructions and design printed on fabric.

Holiday Magic Part II
Jinx Shearer
A/HThA-5 & ThP-5
Holiday Magic is a piece I designed for my students . You will work with our rayon threads also some silk, wool, cotton, cotton blends, ribbon, metallic, beads and some surprises. Each of the Holiday Magic squares have some good tips on what you are creating in the squares. It will be fun! Holiday Magic is a 15 hour classes divided into three parts. You may take part I  which consists of two sessions, part II also consists of two session and part III has one session. It is suggest that you take all 3 parts, but it is not required that you take all three. Material Fee $20 - Includes print, doodle cloth, silk, wool, cotton, cotton blends, ribbon, metallic, beads and some surprises.  Other Supplies: Bring a 6" hoop and 10" hoop
Queen of HeartsDebbie KelleyA/HThA-6
A gorgeous heart! This beauty is made using shibori ribbon, beads, real pearls, cast-ons, and up/down cast-ons. Who needs soutache when you have cast-ons! The featured "heart" in this design is a red vintage crystal button. Students will learn to manipulate shibori ribbon, make long cast-ons and up/down cast-ons. The heart can be finished and used as a brooch, pendant, or as a decoration on a trinket box. Stitches include cast-ons, and up/down cast-ons.
Material Fee $16 - includes beading base fabric, beads, pearls, vintage crystal heart button, rose bead, shibori ribbon, instructions, photo. Also includes stiffening agent and felt for finishing back of heart. Complete fiber kit (includes beading and EdMar threads) $10 extra. Heart is also available with a different type of purple crystal heart and red/purple ribbon/beads. Only 48 of the red kits will be made of this design, I only have 48 of the vintage crystal heart. I will make additional kits in purple with a different type of heart bead. Other Supplies:   #12 beading needle, cream and burgundy beading thread.


Hats off to Shoe*
Debbie GoffI-A / MThP-1
Celebrate the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with fancy hats and shoes. Stitches include back, bullion, buttonhole, detached buttonhole, raised buttonhole, cast-on, running cast-on, couching, double cast-on drizzle, fly, French knot, hopper, outline, satin, stab, stacked stem, stem, straight, short and long, straight, turkey.
Material Fee $13 - includes design printed on fabric, instructions, picture, beads, and doodle cloth. An additional EdMar thread kit is available for $52.50.
Other Supplies:  A small (3”x 6”) and large oval hoop (5” X 9”), extra long milliners #1 needle, drizzle pad. Supplies will be available for purchase in Merchant Mall

Winter WreathJudy Caruso
I/MThA2 & ThP-2
Hawaiian Halo
Patti Lee

Mad Hatter: "Anyone can go by horse or rail, but the absolute best way to travel is by hat." Embellished with embroidered band, this hat is suitable for a garden tea party or day at the beach. Linen band background is woven with laced running stitch, running bullions, and Portuguese outline stitch, then adorned with 8 different flowers. In class, using provided hat band doodle, student will practice background, flower placement and how to size and finish the band; sewing machine not required. Time permitting, we’ll practice flower petals. Flower stitches include bullion, cast-on, double cast-on, double button-hole, French knots and drizzles. Be adventurous and substitute your own favorites!
Material Fee  $15 - includes even-weave linen (interfaced with serged edges) for class-doodle and hatband, color instructions and a hat!

Other Supplies: Tapestry needle, pen or washout marker, ruler, 6”x 6” Q-snap hoop or equivalent, drizzle pad, Magnifier recommended

Roses in Winter (Elaine Keller)
Charlene NewlinI/MThP-4
Winter delight describes this beautiful work by a favorite designer, Elaine Keller, Candle in the Cellar. The signature rose and bead berries enhance this beautiful  design of pine cones and traditional pine bows with holly leaves. Learn  the rose technique so characteristic of this designer. Stitch this exquisite dimensional embroidery for your winter decorating. Stitches include basic beading, bullion, cast-on buttonhole, slanting Cretan stitch, leaf, satin, stem and straight stitch.
Material Fee $10 - includes complete instructions, fabric design, color picture and beads for completion
Other Supplies:   Doodle cloth, 1,3,5 milliners needles, assorted embroidery needles and pencil and note paper.
Holiday Magic Part II
Jinx Shearer
ThA-5 & ThP-5
Gardening Angel
Rosalie Wakefield
I-A / MThP-6

A little gardening angel lovingly tends her dimensional embroidery garden. Flowers tucked in among the lace ferns, Madagascar periwinkle and yellow daisies are two versions of the Braided Lace Buttercup, a Double Bubble Mum, Feather Hyacinth, Petite Peonies, Iris and other delightful bloomers. Stitches feature yet another version of the comma, Rosalie’s original cast-on pistil stitch, braided lace, petite bullion roses and beadwork that may be substituted with colonial knots. Our gardening angel’s wings are created with a simple lazy daisy tri-leaf, and she carries a tiny kitten in her pocket as a wary bunny hides in the foliage.
Material Fee $15 - includes color photo, printed design, complete instructions, and beads. Doodle cloths provided.  

Other Supplies: If you hoop, bring an 8" hoop. We will work on doodle cloths (bring a 4" or 5" hoop), 2 darners, needle threader, pincushion and embroidery and milliners needles. You may wish to substitute colors, so bring just a few strands of Glory, Iris and Lola for doodling.


Eggsquisite Rose*Maria Avneri, Kaaren ArndtAll / MFA-1 & FP-1
Are you ready to embroider in new medium? What about a natural emu eggshell? You will embroider an eggsquisite red rose and turn a plain eggshell into a keepsake holder. The inside will be lined with velvet and gold trim, the outside will be decorated with a bohemian crystal chain, gold trims and a gold butterfly. The egg will rest on a hand crafted gold ceramic stand ready to hold your treasures. Stitches include bullion and cast on.
Material Fee $35 - includes the eggshell, all materials to decorate the entire egg, and the base.  Other Supplies  Extra long darner #1 and #3, scissors, and a tomato pin cushion.

Guardians of the Garden* (Millefiori)
Mary-E CrichtonI-A /MFA-2
There are cats in this design but you will have to search to find them all. Many flowers on this design are from Rosalie’s Flower and Veggie Patch designs but several new techniques are also introduced. One thing which may be new for you is the interlocking stem stitch.
Material Fee $12 - includes the instructions with a print, muslin backing. Other Supplies:  8" - 10" hoop, milliners needles, sharps and embroidery needles, and a doodle cloth.

Cats in Leaves*
Juli Baumler

CANCELLED. Kitty is hiding in the leaves. Is yours a traditional kitty? Or change colors to make it the Cheshire Cat. Maybe you have a mouse or a hedgehog hiding in your garden. Learn to make detached needle weaving leaves and combine simple elements marked on fabric with landmarks of dots and simple shapes, not anything that requires drawing or artistic skill. I can't draw and I designed this, I’ll teach you how I did it. In class you can make kitty as shown, move things around or branch out using other animals from Rosalie Wakefield's My Book of Stitches or even your imagination. This class is very beginner friendly. Stitches include satin stitch, fly stitch, small bullion, and running stitch.
Material Fee $6 - includes fabric, instructions, water erasable fabric pen, tapestry and sewing needles, bead for cat nose, invisible thread, metallic thread (alternative design option), pins, foam backing for needle weaving, B.E. threads people may not have in stash.

Other Supplies:  Rosalie Wakefield's "My Book of Stitches" (excerpt included in class instructions, or bring your own book.)

Color Theory
Mary SawyerAll /LCANCELLED
CANCELLED. Do you have trouble picking out the colors for your stitching project? How about that one skein you bought just because you loved it and now don’t know what to do with it? Do you have a project and something isn’t right? This class will give you a starter to help you answer these questions and have a better knowledge of how colors play off each other. Learn about tint, tone, shade, warm and cool colors to achieve that visual-balance stitched piece.
Material Fee $5 - Includes color wheel and lecture guidelines. Other Supplies:  Pen and paper for notes. Also a project or threads to discuss, if time allow.

Wool-LilyDebbie Kelley
I-A /MFA-5
A bright and happy lily made with wool felt and Brazilian embroidery thread and stitches. Students will have a choice of felt colors (Orchid [shown], Carrot, Lavender, Pink, Apricot, Fern, and Buttercream). The petals are cut out of the felt and stitched. The lily is free-standing and will look great on the hat you are wearing to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. You ARE wearing a hat, aren’t you? Or it can be attached to a jacket, coat, sweater, stitching bag, or wherever your imagination says it belongs! The center is a fancy button, which will be included in the kit. It is helpful for students to be familiar with the cast-on and blanket stitch.
Material Fee $26 - includes wool felt, instructions, photo, wire, EdMar thread, beading thread and needle, beads and button. I will have an assortment of custom color coordinated kits available. Other Supplies:  A doodle cloth will not be provided.

Pearl Essence*
Debbie Goff
I-A / MFA-6
This elegant design embodies a very special occasion. It is stitched on a white polyester fabric with mostly white threads and has a mix of Brazilian embroidery and needle lace stitches. Stitches include Brussels-double buttonhole, bullion, woven bullion, buttonhole, detached buttonhole, knotted buttonhole, twisted buttonhole, couching, colonial knot, hopper, lazy daisy, outline, pea, satin, square bead stitch, and straight.
Material Fee $18 - includes design printed on fabric, instructions, picture, beads, and doodle cloth. An additional EdMar thread kit is available for $18.  Other Supplies:   A small oval (3 "X 6") and large oval hoop (5" X 9"), a 10” round hoop, invisible thread, DMC Diamant D168 silver 3-strand thread. Supplies will be available for purchase in merchant mall.


Eggsquisite Rose*
Maria Avneri, Kaaren Arndt
All / MFA-1 & FP-1
Barb's Hummingbird*Judy Caruso
The beautiful red-throated hummingbird loves to drink from the colorful columbine. The hummingbird is stitched with long cast-on stitches for its wings and satin and long-short stitches for its head and belly. Outline stitch is used for its beak and lower tail. The columbine flowers and foliage are stitched with stem, bullion, alternating satin stitch leaf, couching, pistil, double cast-on drizzle and straight stitches. The included beads are stitched atop the flowers and for the eye of the bird.
Material Fee $15 - includes fabric with design; beads; photo; and instructions. Other Supplies:  Milliners needles 1, 3, 5 and 7; #10 beading needle; 4 -6 inch hoop.

Tussie Mussie*
Charlene NewlinI-A /MFP-3

Fresh picked describes this elegant, charming floral bouquet. You have an opportunity to stitch a great design by Mary Kurbis.  Her attractive  arrangement  is  your  chance to  practice  dimensional  embroidery skills and take it further with variations on these dimensional flowers. This design is suitable for a framed embroidery, pillow, or soft wall hanging/quilt. Stitches include applique , outline, stem, leaf stitch, bullion, long bullion, cast-on buttonhole, double cast-on, drizzle, up-down cast-on, knotted lazy daisy, blanket/buttonhole stitches and needle weaving.   Material Fee $12 - includes instructions, color picture, print, and 15-18" length of eyelet lace. 

Other Supplies: Round or oval hoop- 6". An assorted B.E. needles, including 3 darners, size 15 for casting on, assorted embroidery needles, drizzle pad, sewing machine thread – white or off-white and basic supplies. A basic instruction book is helpful for recall. Not required but helpful is Mary Kurbis - Designing with Flowers Basic and Beyond, pencil and paper for notes

Recycled Material OrnamentsJuli BaumlerB/LFP-4

Mount a small piece of embroidery or a favorite fabric scrap as a beautiful ornament (or a decorative piece suitable for the front of a card or top of a box), using scraps from other crafts you or your friends may participate in. Piece completed in class will be 2" x 3" oval, but we will discuss making other shapes and sizes to suit your work.
Material Fee $1- includes all materials and instructions, with extra to take home.

Other Supplies:   Fabric and paper scissors. Optional: a 2" x 3" oval design area embroidery or fabric print, 12" of matching trim or uncut skein of thread to make cord.

Mad Hatter's Tree Party
Michele RoundsI/MFP-5
Alice and the Rabbit have found their way to the Mad Hatter’s Tree Party, but are they on time, and who else has been invited? Stitches Include long bullion stitches in glory, double cast-on, double cast-on drizzle and rolled roses in glory.
Material Fee $14 - includes design and instructions, doodle cloth, charm, gold thread. Other Supplies: Small gold beads to finish project.

A Designer's WorldDebbie KelleyI-A / MTP-6 & FP-6


Gold Crane LeiPatti LeeAll /LSA-1
The crane is an international symbol of peace. Origami cranes strung with ribbon and beads make enchanting decorations as well as lei. Learn to fold a crane with 2 sizes of specialty paper. Everything needed to complete a golden crane lei in class is provided, along with "talk story" and plenty of aloha!
Material Fee $10 - includes Origami paper, ribbon, beads, needles, thread,  instructions.  Other Supplies:  Scissors for cutting ribbon

Verana* (EdMar)Mendie Cannon
Verana is a wonderful depiction of a woman’s face with B.E. for her hair. Lots of glorious flowers flow among the leafy tendrils creating a work of infinite beauty. Stitches include stem, couching, French knots, buttonhole, knotted lazy daisy, cast- on, pistil, bullion, and detached buttonhole. We will concentrate on detached buttonhole, wrapped buttonhole, a few tips on making pistils and knotted lazy daisies. It is understood you know stems, couching, French knots and bullions.
Material Fee $25 - includes design pre-printed on fabric, Verana Book, doodle cloth and more.

Pink HummingbirdMichele Rounds

I love hummingbirds and when one frequents my garden, I feel blessed. They are so unique and beautiful, so when I saw this pink hummingbird on the internet, I was in awe. I had to stitch it. Stitches include satin and padded satin stitch, chain, cast- on, bullion, and stem stitch. 

Material Fee $14 - includes instructions, print on fabric, doodle cloth, DMC thread, beads.  Other Supplies:  Beading needle and silver metallic thread, I used Coats metallic.

Holiday Magic Part III
Jinx Shearer
Holiday Magic is a piece I designed for my students . You will work with our rayon threads also some silk, wool, cotton, cotton blends, ribbon, metallic, beads and some surprises. Each of the Holiday Magic squares have some good tips on what you are creating in the squares. It will be fun! Holiday Magic is a 15 hour classes divided into three parts. You may take part I  which consists of two sessions, part II also consists of two session and part III has one session. It is suggest that you take all 3 parts, but it is not required that you take all three. Material Fee $20 - Includes print, doodle cloth, silk, wool, cotton, cotton blends, ribbon, metallic, beads and some surprises.  Other Supplies: Bring a 6" hoop and 10" hoop


Wild RoseLoretta HolzbergerI/LSP-1
Try your hand at stumpwork with this lovely wild rose featuring painted fused silk for the petals, and a raw silk background fabric. Petals are made separately with wired edges and attached to the background fabric.
Material Fee $12  -  includes  screen  printed  raw  silk  background  fabric,  painted  fused  silk  for  petals,  wire  and instructions.

Flowers & Ferns* (EdMar)Mendie Cannon
A beautiful basket full of an assortment of flowers - Anemone, Dragon Flower, Geron Buds, Sunburst Daisy, Gentiana, Bella Iris, Honeysuckle, Mallow Buds, and a Pirpinto Butterfly. The unique basket and colorful flowers make for a wonderful display. Stitches include stem, back, couching, French knots, pistil, feather, chain, satin, lazy daisy, knotted lazy daisy, buttonhole, detached buttonhole, whip, bullion, cast-on, double cast-on and knotted double cast-on stitches. It is understood you know the basic B.E. stitches. We will concentrate on detached buttonhole, knotted double cast-on, and a way to do chain stitch that eliminates the need to keep tabs on that loop.
Material Fee $15 - includes design preprinted on fabric, instructions, doodle cloth, beads.   Other Supplies:   drizzle pad

Instructor is designer unless otherwise (designer) // * indicates 4 hour session instead of 3






Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild

Theme: Butterfly Garden

JUNE 9-15, 2019

Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.

Class Level / Intensity

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Low, Medium, High 

See catalog for floss needed

JUNE 11-17, 2018

Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.

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Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

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