Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Brazilian Embroidery for ClothingMary-E CrichtonB/LWP-1

This is a fun, low pressure class in which you will learn some very basic design principles.

Seasons in the Sun (4 hours)Erin FerreA/MWP-2

Erin Ferre’s suggestions inspired this Millefiori design by Rosalie Wakefield. BDEIG’s Flower of the Year, the Sunflower, blooms in each of the "Seasons in the Sun" with different petal and leaf treatments featured. Each leaf is different, and each flower has different stitches. In addition, each sunflower has a different center. Vee Wedow’s spring sunflower bouquet is stitched with Iris rather than Glory and Rosalie shares her original drizzlebirds.  You’ll also see bunnies, a puppy and a kitty frolicking through the Four Seasons. Design by Rosalie Wakefield, Millefiori.

Jacobean LeavesAnn FrazierI/MMP-4 & WP-3

See MP-4 (Monday PM).

Tuesday Afternoon TP1 - TP4

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Teneriffe Lace Learn a Little MoreLoretta HolzbergerB/MMA-1

Here is a chance to learn a little more about making Teneriffe lace, some ways to join motifs, and a variety of designs that can be created.  You might try different threads as well.   This is a continuation class, you must also sign up for Teneriffe Lace Medallion as well unless you have already learned the basics before.  Design by Loretta Holzberger.

Flitter (4 hours)Carol DundasB/MMA-2

Flitter is another simple but stunning butterfly suitable for beginners to Goldwork. It features the use of colored wire check purls alongside gilt purls and Au Ver a Soie silk. Absolutely gorgeous! Designer: Alison Cole.

Crazy Patch Wearable ArtCharlene NewlinB/MMA-3

A delightful crazy patch square to embellish for art to wear garment. I will have samples of other wearable items and pictures by Mary Kurbis. Included is a Sweetheart rose by Elaine Keller, Candle in the Cellar. Crazy patch stitches, and illustrated instructions for basic and combination stitches and techniques will be taught. The doodle cloth is shown in the photo for this class. Crazy patch is a creation of the stitchers whim and imagination. A fun creative embroidery adventure. Add bits of lace, trims, ruching, gimp, and rickrack along with creative stitching. Many basic combination stitches using French knot, colonial knot, double and single cast-on, drizzles, rosebud stitch and other combo stitches will make this a great class. Students will work on a doodle cloth which will become a final design for framing (see photo) or use on a wearable or tote or whatever you desire.  Design by Elaine Keller and Charlene Newlin.

Rambling RosesPeggy Daschbach-Martin, Pat Campbell, Sandy VelinI/MMA-4

Delma Moore’s lovely Rambling Roses is a combination of beauty, new ideas, and delightful stitching. While the entire design is lovely, the roses on this design are especially beautiful and unusual in three ways: they are stitched in Cire for a silky look, they are designed with an offset center and a unique petal placement, and Delma uses a lovely combination of two different shaded flosses for each rose to give a unique flow of colors. And of course, the design is printed on Delma’s special Australian-made fabric, which is soft, yet perfect for our BE stitches. The three team teachers, Peggy, Pat, and Sandy, who together have over 40 years of Brazilian embroidery experience will demonstrate tips and techniques for making lovely bullions, cast-ons, and French knots. Peggy says this is one of the most enjoyable pieces she has ever stitched. Come join us and treat yourself to this lovely Blackberry Lane piece.  Design by Delma Moore, Blackberry Lane

Florida Seasons (4 hours)Deborah GoffI/HMA-5

Delight in the four seasons Florida style. Enjoy spring orchids and orange blossoms, summer exotic trumpet flowers and lilies, fall chrysanthemums and maple leaves, winter strawberries, pine cones, holly berries, and snow flake decorations.  Design by Deborah Goff.

Autumn Vintage (4 hours)Debbie KelleyI/HMA-6

I have always wanted to stitch a design featuring a bunch of grapes. The obstacle has always been the SIZE of the grape leaves and how to stitch them in a pleasing manner. For this design, I have borrowed a technique used by art-quilters to incorporate these gorgeous silk leaves! We will work on the construction of the background (layering fabric, leaves, and tulle), stem and tendrils in class. A doodle cloth will be provided for practicing the grape technique. The design will be available in the color shown or a lighter green background version with lighter grapes. Design by Debbie Kelley, DK Designs.

Sunday Morning SUA1 - SUA6

/L = LOW: Students will have time in class to practice all techniques/stitches taught.  

Class will be relaxing and informative.
/M = MEDIUM: Average students will have time to try the techniques/stitches taught. 

Class material will be covered quickly and thoroughly at a medium pace.
/H = HIGH: Class will be fast-paced with LOTS of information/stitching/techniques. 

Students who work at a slower pace could have difficulty.  

Bullions (under 35 wraps)

Cast-ons (under 35 casts)

Knots (french, colonial, pistil stitch)

Lazy Daisy

Blanket Stitch

Satin Stitch




Spiderweb Weaving

Click on photo to enlarge & scroll through set //  Options may vary by browser.

Click on photo to enlarge & scroll through set //  Options may vary by browser.

Click on photo to enlarge it.  //  Options may vary by browser.

Saturday Afternoon SP1 - SP5

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Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Teneriffe Lace MedallionLoretta HolzbergerB/LSP-1

Teneriffe lace is a Spanish lace form especially done in the Tenerife Islands. As the Europeans pushed west and settled South America the art form followed.  This can be incorporated into Brazilian embroidery, but in the class we will concentrate on the basics, setting up a circular "loom", then weaving and filling the area with stitches. Design by Loretta Holzberger.

Simply IrresistiblePeggy Daschbach-Martin, Sandy Velin, Pat CampbellB/LSP-2

This sweet flower bouquet was designed by Debbie Kelley in 1998.  The design combines basic BE stitches with the beautiful EdMar threads to create flowers that pop off the fabric.  The class is taught by 3 teachers with combined BE stitching experience of over 50 years and is a terrific follow-up to the Getting Started class. Design by Debbie Kelley, DK Designs.

Summer Trellis (4 hours)Deborah GoffA/HSP-3

Enjoy stitching a beautiful summer trellis loaded with fancy fuchsias, bougainvillea, bullion-cast-on-picot roses, Maria’s roses, rolled roses, star jasmine, and yellow star flowers. Design by Deborah Goff.

Shibori SeasonsDebbie KelleyA/MSA-5 & SP-4

See SA-5 (Saturday AM)

Hope Chest (4 hours)Mendie CannonA/LSP-5

There was a time when each young lady had a"“hope chest" filled with linens she had hand embroidered for her home when she got married. Our hope chest contains a blanket and two pillows embroidered and ready for our home. This is also a time when you might want to include a small pin or charm that has some meaning within your family to make this chest your very own. Design by JDR Brazilian Embroidery.

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class level


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Class Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

​Class Intensity: Low, Medium, High 

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Ornament FinishingJudy Borreson CarusoB/MWA-1

Let’s make a 3 inch ornament! Using the student’s pre-stitched ornament front, students will create a finished Christmas ornament in this class. If the student doesn’t have a completed ornament front, the student can complete all but the last 2 steps of creating the ornament and can finish it later. In this class, students will learn how to make braid using an electric mixer! Additional kits and supplies will be available for purchase. A student can choose to bring 2 3-inch round pieces of cardboard and felt/batting instead of using the Finishing Form, if they want.

Kimekomi Stitched Handballs (4 hours)Mendie CannonB/LWA-2

Unlike Tamari these balls are stitched separately from the ball itself and added on by tucking the fabric into pre-sliced slots.  You will have a choice of from 16 basic flowers to stitch four for the "windows" and the fabric of your choice for the top and bottom Design by Rosalie Wakefield, Millefiori.

Four Leaf CloverM. Charlene NewlinB/LWA-3

A sampler of Flowers and Hearts. This lucky clover design by Charlotte Walker is a wonderful collage of flowers for your collection of work and add to your very own art quilt.  Includes Field Pansy or Wild Rose, Coneflower, Butterfly Bush, and Black Eyed Susan. Your choice of foliage greens, flower colors and coordinated border. Design by Charlotte Walker with auxiliary information by Charlene Newlin.

Spring Bulbs in BloomLoretta HolzbergerI/MWA-4

Spring has sprung and the bulbs are in bloom!  Stitch a picture of daffodil, tulip, grape hyacinth, and blue bells to get in the mood. Cast-on stitches are used in a variety of ways. Design by Loretta Holzberger.

Class LEVEL - Intensity

Monday Afternoon  MP1 - MP-5

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Iris Folding and Embroidery CardRuby ScruggsB/LSUA-1 & MP-1

See SUA-1 (Sunday am).

Sue's BouquetMendie CannonI/LMP-2

This lovely spring bouquet will brighten up any location and draw lots of oohs and aahs.  The roses, daisies, violets and more will keep spring in your home all year round. Design by Delma Moore, Blackberry Lane.

Fun Flowers (4 hours)Loretta HolzbergerA/MMP-3

Have fun making some flowers that feature some of my unique stitches and techniques into a pretty bouquet.  Techniques include a quad drizzle, edging with the Mediterranean knotted stitch, double cast-on/bullion combo, beaded drizzle, and padding with felt. Design by Loretta Holzberger.

Jacobean Leaves (4 hours)Ann FrazierI/MMP-4 & WP-3

Surface Embroidery, Inspired by Traditional Crewel Work. Students will create an embroidery featuring Jacobean-style leaves. Historically, such a design would have been worked in crewel wool threads, but we will work in DMC stranded cotton threads, which showcases the individual stitches. Students will review basic embroidery stitches but the focus will be on more advanced stitches such as Cretan Stitch, Vandyke Stitch, and Burden Stitch. Several couched fillings will be included. The class will discuss how to use multi-stranded threads to obtain the best appearance of the stitches. They will also discuss how to choose the right number of strands to add balance to the design.  Needle placement and thread tension will be emphasized and the use of hoops will be discussed.  Design by Anna Scott.​

Spring Cherry BlossomsDebbie KelleyA/HMP-5

If you have problems with long bullions, especially curved ones, this class is for you! Seven delicate ornamental double cherry blossoms resting on a backdrop of blanket stitch leaves, a beautiful representation of the first signs of spring! We will work on long bullions, making sure they are even, tight, and under control!  Design by Debbie Kelley, DK Designs.

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JUNE 25 - JULY 1, 2021

Pacific Lutheran University

Tacoma, Washington

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Down By The SeashoreCarol DundasB/LTA-1

Come spend a couple hours with me down by the sea shore. We will gather some kitten paws, jingles, augers and coquina shells. Stitch this lovely back ground scallop shell.  Add a few little shells collected on the gulf coast of Florida and you will have a unique paperweight. I will provide several different Batique fabrics for you to choose from or you can bring a fabric of your choice. Shells will be provided by the little ole lady that collected them. No creatures were harmed for this project. Ewwww! Design by Carol Dundas.

Winter SnowflakeDebbie KelleyI/MTA-2

The original title of this design was "Fun With Shisha and Beads", and that’s exactly what we will do in class! We’ll learn a fun way to attach shisha mirrors to fabric using beads, plus incorporate stitches to make the "arms" of this beautiful snowflake.  No doodle cloth will be provided in class. This pattern will be available printed on white, purple, or turquoise trigger cloth. Design by Debbie Kelley, DK Designs.

Spring Wreath (4 hours)Judy CarusoI/MTA-3

Spring Wreath brings a beautiful medley of blues, purples, pinks and greens. Included are cheerful Johnny-Jump-Ups, Trillium, Bleeding Heart and other spring-blooming flowers. An intermediate design, Spring Wreath features mostly beginner-level stitches with intermediate-level double cast-ons, wrapped chain stitch and detached buttonhole. Three black beads are used for the centers of the anemones. Design by Judy Caruso Borreson.

Seasons of the Butterfly (4 hours)Mary-E CrichtonA/MTA-4 & TP02

Butterflies are always in season and this design has 10 butterflies and 11 different flowers. Beneath the mossy branch border, the stitcher is drawn into a garden of wonders where lilacs and buddleia, hypericum and scabiosa, silene, asclepias, crepe myrtle and creeping phlox, goldenrod, dog violets and starry eyes exist only for the pleasure of butterflies, their colorful flight sparkling amid the flowers. Design by Rosalie Wakefield, Millefiori.

Sunflower Medallion NecklaceDeborah GoffA/HTA-5 & TP-3

This is a Brazilian Embroidery beaded project that results in a fabulous sunflower medallion necklace professionally crafted by you. Learn how to do my new piggy-back double cast-ons and drizzles, running picot cast-ons, as well as some basic beading techniques, applying dazzling Shibori ribbon that will jazz up your medallion.  The medallion could be made as a stand-alone or adorned with a stunning beaded necklace also made by you with instructions provided.  Design by Deborah Goff.

Intermediate CLASS level





Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Beginner's Butterfly (4 hours)Carol DundasB/MSUP-1

The Beginners Buttery is a sweet little butterfly for the absolute beginner. The butterfly is padded with felt and then covered with kid leather, perl purl and bright check purl, then finally finished with two beads. It is a good size to turn into a brooch or put on the lid of a trinket box. Designed by Alison Cole.

Silk Flowers to Dye for ContinuedLoretta HolzbergerB/LSUP-2

This is an optional second session to play with paint. Continue working on your original project, start a new one, or just try a variety of techniques. See SUA-3 (Sunday AM).


Me and Ma's Apple TreePatti LeeI/LSUP-3

Me & Ma’s apple tree has a strong textured trunk with branches in the four seasons. Spring is bursting with pink and white apple blossoms with a low branch for Ma’s reading hideaway. Summer greenery embraces little green apples and protects mama bird in her nest. Autumn apples are red, ripe and ready for picking, guarded by green-eyed golden kitty hiding in the colorful fall foliage. Winter birds perch on snow covered branches as crystal snowflakes float to the ground. 
Class emphasis on using floss weights and colors to stitch texture, using basic BE stitches. We will work on the tree in class, and every student’s result will be unique. Specialty threads make glittery piles of snow in branches and on the ground. Design by Patti Lee, using little critter designs by Millefiori.

Vintage Crinoline Lady (4 hours)Ann FrazierI/MSUP-4

Your grandmother might have embroidered this design from the Busy Beebe Needlework Designs. Crinoline ladies set in lush English gardens were a very popular motif in the 1930’s to 1950’s. I adapted this vintage design for Brazilian threads, primarily worked in Glory and Iris weights to ensure a crisp-looking result. You can customize the flowers to suit your own taste.  Design by Chrestina M Jones, adapted by Ann Frazier.

Enchanted Jungle (4 hours)MendieI/HSUA-5 & SUP-5

See SUA-5 (Sunday AM).

Summer's Exotic SunflowersDebbie KelleyA/MSUA-6 & SUP-6

See SUA-6 (Sunday AM).

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See Catalog (members-only) for additional details. Join Today!!

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Monday Morning  MA1 - MA7

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Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

International Guild, Inc.

International Guild

Technical Innovations

Combinations and Speciality stitches

Detached Buttonhole (more than 2 rows 7 loops)

Bullions over 80 wraps

Cast-on over 80 loops


Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild


Saturday Morning  SA1 - SA6

Sunday Afternoon SUP1 - SUP6

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Iris Folding & Embroidery CardsRuby ScruggsB/LSUA-1 & MP-1
Come to this class and learn how to make beautiful cards for all occasions. The first class session you will choose your border design from several possibilities, punch the holes for embroidery, cut out the center for iris folding, then use the remaining class time to embroider your chosen design. Second session you will learn the fun art of iris folding, using pretty ribbons or folded paper - your choice. You’ll be able to complete one card and maybe begin a second one during this class, plus you’ll get great ideas to make many more at home.
Christmas Ornaments (4 hours)Judy Borreson CarusoB/MSUA-2

Eight Ornaments in 4 Hours! Oh my! Students can choose to stitch as many of the ornaments as they would like. Each ornament has its own kit. The eight ornaments are: Candles, Cardinal, Drum, Nutcracker, Penguin, Reindeer, Snowman, and Wreath. The ornaments will be taught in the order determined at the start of the class. Students may wish to take the Ornament Finishing class offered later in the week. Design by Judy Borreson Caruso

Silk Flowers to Dye forLoretta HolzbergerB/MSUA-3

Learn some techniques for painting silk and making shaped flowers from layers of silk that have been fused together.  You get to choose the flower design to work on from my book, Silk Flowers to Dye For.  Not only will you paint the flower petals and leaves, but also the background fabric.  Come join me to have fun playing with paint. You should have the parts for one 5 x 7 design painted and ready to assemble in class. Design by Loretta Holzberger.

Blue Bumblebees (4 hours)Deborah GoffA/HSUA-4

Did you know there are blue bumble bees? Ever since I saw them, I’ve wanted to stitch them with some flowers and honeycomb.  he honeycomb is stitched as needlelace. The bees have fused organza stump-work wings. Swarovski crystals added to the honeycomb. Design by Deborah Goff.

Enchanted JungleMendie CannonA/LSUA-5 & SUP-5

I have always been fascinated by the various creatures and flora you might find in the jungles of Africa and now you can stitch them and have a bright, fun design with a lion, giraffe, monkey and more.  The flowers and leaves are all so different than any we have here in the USA and a delight to see come alive as you stitch and, of course, there is the waterfall and rainbow. Design by Rosalie Wakefield, Millefiori.

Summer's Exotic SunflowersDebbie KelleyA/MSUA-6 & SUP-6

Three beautiful and unusual sunflowers, Prado Red, Teddy Bear, and Chocolate Cherry. Each sunflower uses a different cast-on stitch technique. Session one will consist of stitching the self-padded Boucle leaf and the Cire fly-stitch leaf plus the Prada Red sunflower (left).  Session two will concentrate on the remaining two sunflowers.  I hope you like cast-ons!  A doodle cloth will be provided.  Printed on silk noil (raw silk) or white trigger. Design by Debbie Kelley, DK Designs.

Wednesday Afternoon WP1 - WP3

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What's Happening on Facebook

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Closed group & Not managed by BDEIG, but many guild members participate

Variations on all Basic Stitches

Detached Buttonhole (2 rows 7-loop maximum)

Double cast-on (flat & drizzle styles)

Bullions (35-80 wraps)

Cast-on (35-80 casts)

Needle Weaving

Wednesday Morning WA1 - WA4

Tuesday Morning  TA1 - TA5



Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Wildflower Meadow (4 hours)Ann FrazierB/LTP-1

Students will create a picture of wild flowers "real and imagined" and frame their picture in a 7-inch embroidery hoop. They will learn 8 basic hand-embroidery stitches. Students will learn how to create smooth satin and buttonhole stitches using multi-stranded threads. They will also discuss how to choose the right number of strands for the different flowers. Needle placement and thread tension will be emphasized.  Design by Ann Frazier.

Seasons of the Butterfly (4 hours)Mary-E CrichtonA/MTP-2

See TA-4 (Tuesday AM)

Sunflower Medallion NecklaceMary-E CrichtonA/MTA-5 & TP-3

See TA-5 (Tuesday AM)

Framing Made EasyRuby ScruggsB/LTP-4

How many designs do you have completely stitched and just waiting to be framed? Bring one of them to this class and you will go home with a lovely finished and framed piece of art, plus the knowledge to frame all the rest of your unframed pieces. The whole process of framing a design is not very difficult when you take it step by step, and the price is right! In this hands-on class you will detail your stitched design for framing, stretch it over a foam board covered with thin batting, stitch it tightly onto the foam board, and finally put it into its frame. Join me in this class and make it happen! 

Class TitleInstructorLevelClass ID
Getting Started (4hrs)Sandy Velin, Pat Campbell, Peggy Daschbach-MartinB/LSA-1
Do you feel a little intimidated to be at seminar and attending classes with people who seem like they know what they are doing? If so, this class is for you. This class and these teachers offer over 50 years of combined stitching experience. We will talk about the basics of getting started, from how to open a skein of thread, threading the needle and knotting the thread, to kinds of fabric and organizing yourself for stitching. We will talk about needles, other sewing aids and tools, and terms you will probably hear used all week. We will demonstrate stitches and give you the opportunity to practice them. The class will be an opportunity to ask questions with no pressure or feeling like you are holding up the rest of the class. And, this class is the perfect segue to Getting Started Part 2-Simply Irresistible-and a week of wonderful stitching.

Sunflower and Grapes or Lupine

M. Charlene Newlin I/MSA-2

Grapes & Sunflower or Sunflower & Lupine, each a beautiful design by Elaine Keller. The creative use of threads and beads make this a memorable project with the sunflower.  Students may choose between the Grapes and Lupine; each design has a sunflower.  Many of the stitch techniques are the same for this class. Design by Elaine Keller, Candle in the Cellar

Beginning Blooms Wreath (4 hours)Judy Borreson CarusoB/LSA-4

Here’s your opportunity to use all 8 thread weights and 19 beginner-level stitches in one design. And, you can spin in a circle as you do it! Pretty springtime flowers grace this wreath and your eye will journey around trying to find them all. Design by Judy Borreson Caruso.

Shibori SeasonsDebbie KelleyA/MSA-5 & SP-4

Oh, the beauty and versatility of shibori ribbon. I had so much fun with color while working this design, and with the dynamics of hand-dyed shibori ribbon no two kits will be exactly alike.  Color can be used to communicate, just like words and music.  Each leaf uses color to communicate a season on the "outer side", and the transition into the next season on the "inner side".    The leaves are assembled off the fabric and then integrated into the fabric using various stitches. Parts of the leaves are not attached to the fabric, lending a very dimensional look to the piece.  In class we will work on a "doodle leaf", it will be usable as a single-leaf design, so no work or materials will be wasted.  Doodle leaf colors will vary and probably won’t have a "seasonal" theme.  I used silk chamois cloth for my background and will have some available for purchase in class.  Students may choose their own background fabric, keep in mind it shouldn’t be too "busy", you want those leaves to show!  The background fabric is nt needed for the class, students can wait until after the class to find their perfect background fabric. Below the class photo of the main leaves are two photos of shibori ribbon.  As you can see in the top ribbon photo, the color varies along the ribbons, this is why the kit colors will vary.  Also, the bottom ribbon photo shows an alternate “lighter” color ribbon kit choice in case you don’t like the dark, intense colors. Design by Debbie Kelley DK Designs.

Wisteria Bonsai (4 hours)Deborah GoffA/HSA-6
Learn my technique for doing double knotted cast-ons for the wisteria flowers. Stitch an intricate stalk-like green and brown moss constructed of five side drizzles and knotted cast-ons off of a single drizzle.  Learn to do the raised stem stitch and several other stitches.  Stitch a dragon that appears majestic befitting a bonsai pot. Design by Debbie Goff.