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Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Closed group & Not managed by BDEIG, but many guild members participate

​Last Updated 06/04/2017

Class Title (*4 hour class)InstructorLevelClass Code
Getting Started*Sandy VelinB/LTA-1
Are you new to Brazilian embroidery or seminar? Are you feeling out of your element? This class is for you. We will talk about threads: how to open a skein of floss, thread a needle and knot the floss. We will talk about thread storage, review the weights of the threads and recommended needle sizes for each weight, as well as cover some of the terms you may hear used in your classes. We will then learn and practice basic stitches: stem stitch, bullions, cast-on stitch, French knots, lazy daisy, satin stitch, and leaf stitch.
Soutache Pendant and Bracelet
Nicole Gélinas
BTA-2 & TP-2
A few years ago I followed an online soutache jewelry class with Amee Sweet-McNamara and I made many pieces of soutache jewelry since taking that class. From the beginning I had the inspiration to join this technique with Brazilian embroidery and I bring to you the results of my experiments. To do this I chose a flower inspired by Rosalie Wakefield with a small modification.
Alpine Meadow
Loretta Holzberger
Create a beautiful alpine meadow full of wildflowers from the mountains of the Northwest. This is a beginner level piece with easy stitches. Learn to make cast-on stitches lay the way you want and perhaps a few other tricks of the trade.
Sunflower and Lupine
Charlene Newlin
This beautiful sunflower design works great in a framed floral grouping, in a kitchen or dining area. A variety of texture gives life to this design.
Asian Lace Lily
Debbie GoffITA-5 & TP-5
Celebrate our 25th anniversary by stitching my first design. My Asian Lace Lily rendition was an inspiration based on the Oriental Lily by Peggy Crawford. This alluring and dazzling design is done on white or black fabric and contains two whole and two partial stumpwork and needlelace flowers (wine over pale pink). The flower also contains three buds in varying poses (pale pink with wine ruffle) and long leaves and stems (medium to dark bay leaf). A delightful dragonfly (magenta and purple), and a cute caterpillar are warm fuzzies that accentuate the design.
Deb Pereira
AI/MTA-6 & FA-1
I will go over all aspects of creating the hussif. We will work on the needle book during class. It will be more of a construction class,including working with wool, than a stitch class. If you are not familiar with the stitches, you can replace them with simpler stitches.
Fantastic Fantasy
Debbie KelleyA/MTA-7 & TP-7
A Jacobean-style design featuring felt-based fantasy flowers. The felt is padded and attached to the fabric using the automatic Palestrina knot. The flowers are then enhanced and decorated using a fun and interesting conglomeration of some of the stitches and techniques I have developed over the past 23 years.


Blackberry Lane Triple Scoop
Peggy Daschbach-Martin
Another beautiful design from Delma Moore of Blackberry Lane in Australia, her beginner level sampler that we are calling “Triple Scoop”. What’s better than a double scoop of ice cream? A triple scoop! This is a perfect beginner class with lovely, simple designs.
Soutache Pendant and Bracelet
Nicole Gélinas
BTA-2 & TP-2
September Morning
Patti LeeI/MTP-3
Another beautiful design from Delma Moore of Blackberry Lane in Australia, her beginner level sampler that we are calling “Triple Scoop”. What’s better than a double scoop of ice cream? A triple scoop! This is a perfect beginner class with lovely, simple designs.
DeboraCharlene NewlinITP-4
This beautiful creative floral design by Anna Grist includes unique fairy daisy, Anna’s special rose, pansy and free-form flower using various flower, leaf and stem technique. Colors featured are shades of purple and lavender, pink and rose with a variety of green shades. This design is beautiful framed or stitched on a garment or tote.
Asian Lace Lily
Debbie Goff
ITA-5 & TP-5
Spring Anticipation
Michele RoundsA/LTP-6
Spring is the time of anticipation, the budding trees, the colorful spring flowers and soon, baby birds.
Fantastic Fantasy
Debbie Kelley
TA-7 & TP-7


Bonsai Tree of Strength
Joyce Slater


In this class you will find how simple stitches can make a gorgeous picture. The huge Super Moon highlights the beautiful Bonsai Tree, and the satin stitched symbol at the lower right indicates that this is the tree of strength.
Mr. and Mrs. Bloominbonz*
Mendie CannonBWA-2 & WP-2
Sugar skulls seem to have become quite the rage this year. I saw these two at a quilt show and they just screamed to be stitched in Brazilian embroidery. She is very colorful, as are the women in Mexico with rounded features, while his coloring is more subdued with sharper features and a goatee.

Oriental Poppies
Jinx ShearerI/LWA-3 & WP-3
The Oriental Poppies were created to give my students stitching tools for creating padded satin stitch and the B.E. stitches that are stitched on top of the satin stitch. The edges of all three flowers have detached buttonhole so I will give you some "tricks" to help you create the perfect edges. You will also learn a weaving technique for the smaller flower and use a different type of fiber for extra details on the design. Come and learn and develop some extra stitches or learn skills you need to improve on. We will have a fun time.
April ShowersMary-E CrichtonI/MWA-4 & WP-4
April Showers Brings May Flowers is a Threads in Bloom design with a lot of fun texture and sparkle. The umbrella uses wire to appliqué it to the fabric and has a pretty bead edge. Sharon had to look far and away to bring you flower sequin rain drops to sprout the array of flowers cascading from the umbrella. A beaded flower, a jelly roll rose, a blue stumpwork daisies, and other flowers have bloomed this May with a pretty ribbon to add just a touch of romance.
Early Bird Gets the Worm*
Loretta Holzberger
Your robin can be worked on hand-painted silk or unpainted linen-blend fabric. He is sitting in the grass with a big worm fighting for its life. The background is all easy, straight stitches and stem stitch. The bird has a wing that is loose along the bottom edge, and is stitched in DMC floss since EdMar threads just don’t come in the right colors for a robin. This is a thread painting technique that is not difficult.
Create Your Fairy Garden*
Debbie Kelley
IWA-6 & WP-6
A gorgeous "fairy tree" constructed of different colors of shibori ribbon, blended into one another by the EdMar threads and stitches used to texture and finish the tree. No two trees can possibly be alike. You will build the tree during the first session, using shibori ribbon and silk quilt batting for padding. The second session will be all about decorating the tree, creating a fairy doorway out of a silver charm, rocks and moss, stitching grasses, foliage, rocks and charms onto the design. We’ll also be adding a few stitched inhabitants: a fairy, a spider and web, a butterfly, a tiny mushroom. In a fairy garden there are no rules.
Tree Fairy*Debbie GoffIWA-7
Enjoy the woods while this tree fairy watches over you from a tree opening high up. The tree is covered with ivy leaves and adorned with turkey tail fungus. 


Daisies, Roses and More
Pat Kamperschroer
This set of three small flower designs uses five of the seven weights of EdMar thread and all but three of the stitches identified as basic stitches. The designs are small enough to be finished quickly. They are sized to top Altoid-style tin boxes and could also be used on a crazy quilt, as an ornament, or be framed.
Mr. and Mrs. Bloominbonz*
Mendie Cannon
BWA-2 & WP-2
Oriental Poppies
Jinx Shearer
I/LWA-3 & WP-3
April Showers
Mary-E Crichton
I/MWA-4 & WP-4
Capri’s Mermaid
Debbie Goff
Frolic in the sea with Capri’s mermaid. Enjoy stitching a beautiful mermaid with fishes, shells, and seaweed. The fabric for this design is an Indonesian hand-painted batik with a beautiful aqua sea color.
Create Your Fairy Garden
Debbie Kelley
IWA-6 & WP-6
Rosalie Wakefield
Amaranthine (pronounced: ama RAN theen): the name means undying, immortal, eternally beautiful. I thought this was an appropriate way to introduce some of the "Forever Flowers" from my new book. This floral bouquet has eight new flowers that will never fade and several different leaf treatments. Most stitches are familiar ones, but there are several new dimensional techniques that I have used in different ways to delight and entertain you "endlessly".


Sunshine’s Valentine*
Mendie Cannon
BTHA-1 & SP-3
This class provides the beginner stitcher with step-by-step instructions and for the more advanced stitcher a refresher and maybe some new flowers. There are over 50 gorgeous flowers to stitch along a heart shape. This design can be finished in numerous ways – a gift, monogrammed for a wedding, a book cover, pillow or box top, to mention a few. However it is finished, it will be a treasure for years to come.
Summer Blooms Wreath
Judy CarusoI/MTHA-2
Beautiful purple and pink summer flowers abound in this Summer Blooms Wreath. The clematis, lantana, primula, fire pink, aster and wisteria flowers are adorned with beads and Kreinik braid. A charming honey bee can also be seen approaching the lantana flowers.
Lavender Fairy*
Debbie GoffITHA-3
Create this fun fairy tending the lilac flowers using a nice variety of stitches.
Flowers for Florence
Jinx Shearer
THA-5 & THP-5
The Flowers for Florence design was created for Florence Worcester - my "Mother", my mentor, my friend. She loved Brazilian embroidery and enjoyed working with Glory floss. Come to this class and we will have fun stitching all these small but beautiful flowers in the cart. I will help you refine your "small" stitches and I promise you'll love working small.
Dahlias, Bells and Lace
Loretta Holzberger
A/HTHA-6 & THP-6
Learn some beautiful textural pulled thread stitches to create the background of this 5" circular design on 25 count even-weave linen.
Peacock Flower*Debbie KelleyA/HTHA-7
This is definitely a Fantasy Flower! A design I first taught at Seminar 2000. This design has won several Show and Share awards at past seminars, plus a First Place in the Professional category at the Oregon State Fair in 1999. A Jacobean-style flower stitched with the jewel-tone colors that are found in peacock feathers. This flower is fashioned after the "open fan" appearance of a peacock tail while the leaves echo the colors found in the bloom. Covered pony bead "berries" complete the design.


Ann FrazierB/MTHP-1
This class is an introduction to traditional hand embroidery. Students will learn 10 basic hand-embroidery stitches while creating a modern version of a traditional 17th century design. You will learn how to start and finish off threads without knots and will learn how to use multi-stranded threads to obtain the best appearance of the stitches, especially when using buttonhole or satin stitches. Needle placement and thread tension will be emphasized and the use of hoops will be discussed.
WedgewoodCharlene Newlin
This is a design by long-time designer/instructor Evelyne Wahl. The stunning white floral design on blue moiré background is reminiscent of the Blue Jasperware by Wedgewood dinnerware. Create a lovely design for a small keepsake box, sewing accessory, pouchette, needle book or card. Work on blue fabric using white threads of various weights for a monochrome design.
Embroidered Bracelet
Nicole Gélinas
BTHP-3 & SA-3
At the BDEIG Seminar in 2014, I saw one of the attendees with an embroidered bracelet and I thought to myself, what a great idea! I created this class and present to you a small embroidered bracelet you can make. It is possible to use the same technique to make a necklace, a pendant or a pair of earrings.
My Brazilian Fantasy
Rosalie WakefieldI/MTHP-4
When we first discover Brazilian embroidery, we want to do it ALL - all the flowers, all the floss, all colors and all the stitches. "My Brazilian Fantasy" gives stitchers a chance to select their favorite colors (or use the ones I have listed) and spend leisurely time working with easy stitches on a design that can be used anywhere: appliqué on a tote or wearable item, framed, or mounted on a gift box or scrapbook.
Flowers for Florence
Jinx Shearer
THA-5 & THP-5
Dahlias, Bells and Lace
Loretta Holzberger
A/HTHA-6 & THP-6
Ruth’s Gazebo*
Mendie CannonITHP-7
Ruth’s Gazebo brings memories of a sunny summer garden of old fashioned flowers – lilacs, heliotrope, delphinium, summer salvia, night-scented stock, bridal wreath, hollyhock, forget-me-knots, and Olde English Roses beneath a canopy of wisteria blooms. Thoughts drift back to earlier times spent swinging beneath an old apple tree, daydreaming in the garden’s gazebo or gathering lovely flowers.


Hussif*Deb Pereira
AI/MTA-6 & FA-1
Tropical Day Dream
Patti Lee, Kaaren ArndtI/LFA-2
Daydream about a tropical vacation while stitching a seaside landscape with a variety of wrapped, dimensional stitches and variegated color floss. With blue sky/white clouds background and real seashells beneath the palm tree, a typical Hawaiian day includes sunshine, rainbows, and a sailboat on the water. The intermediate stitches should be manageable by most beginners.
How Does Your Garden Grow?*
Joan StevensI/LFA-3
The watering can and cascading water turns your fabric into a great garden with lots of beginner stitches. I turned a mistake into a new flower. You will never believe the Fuzzy Violet. Stitches are all the basics and new ways to do them.
Anniversary Bouquet*
Mary-E Crichton
This cheerful Anniversary Bouquet celebrates the 25th anniversary of our wonderful guild. While you’re stitching this design, think of all the wonderful people you have met through the last 25 years of stitching.
Creative Backgrounds
Sandy WatsonA/MFA-5
Learn to use your imagination creating a background for stitchery. Enhance the impact of your work by complementing the colors or subject with your choices on background fabrics and textures. Composition elements will be covered with a handout provided. A technique for testing the design will be used in class with materials provided. Each stitcher will pick from many pre-painted silk backgrounds and prepare their chosen background for stitching. A review of possible processes to create silk painted backgrounds will be discussed with a handout. This class is for the stitcher who wants to think out of the box and take this art up a level. A follow-up class in Creative Stitches by Charlene Newlin is recommended but not required.
Miss Miriam’s Iris
Jinx Shearer
A/MFA-6 & SP-4
This iris was inspired by one of our early quilt teachers who grew irises. They are soft and "feminine", with matte finish stems and leaves and open blooms. You will learn to work with padding and satin stitch and how to create beautiful satin stitch with our Z-twisted thread. 
A Rose for My Mother*
Debbie Kelley
This was the second design I created. It has become my logo and is still my most popular design. Since this is BDEIG’s 25th anniversary, I thought I’d offer this class in celebration of the past 25 years with BDEIG!


Pretty as Pink
Joan Stevens
Beautiful ribbon with a variety of flowers and leaves. Each flower is a different beginner stitch with a different leaf. So many different ways to use a buttonhole stitch. This is a project that works up faster than most.
Fairy Tales*Peggy Daschbach-Martin
The fairies are back and this time they are flying and swinging on a book cover. After you stitch the design, you can use the instructions provided to make a cute book cover that fits virtually all "pocket book" size books. Or you can enlarge the dimensions for the cover and make one that fits your electronic reader! Our fairies are up to date! Come join the fun and stitch some lace cap hydrangeas using a combo stitch adapted from Evelyne Wahl’s hollyhocks, and the little lace cap hydrangea fairy, who is sprinkling her fairy dust onto her flowers. Then stitch the fuchsias and their fuchsia fairy, who is swinging on her own little swing that hangs from a fuchsia branch. 
Fairies for My Garden*
Debbie KelleyI/MFP-4
What a fun and whimsical class! The fairies visit during different seasons: The Winter Watcher, Spring Princess, Summer Beauty, or Autumn Splendor. The Scarecrow Fairy guards the garden year round. We will be making the body for the Fairy, and then creating clothes out of the student’s color choices of felt, flowers, hair fibers, vintage sari trim, beads, buttons, etc. The plaid technique for the Scarecrow’s "flannel" shirt will be taught in class. Fairy faces can be "painted" on with felt tip markers, or the face can be left blank, either way they are adorable! Once you start making them, you can’t stop!
Parrot FlowersDebbie GoffIFP-5
Enjoy stitching very rare exotic parrot flowers found in Thailand. Each flower is suspended from a stem attached to the back of the shoulders and coils inside the flower. The flower is nestled amongst serrated leaves, stems, and tendrils and looks like a parrot in flight. Each of its petals is billowed out with the wind and each are stitched in its own unique way. One petal has a natural lift in Ciré that doesn’t need wire to stay up.
B.E. Stitches in Pumpkin Patch*
Valerie CanslerI/LFP-6
This is a fun pumpkin design with a fairy and a frog. A potential B.E. Stitcher? It works up easily with basic stitches and a stitch with a different thread, "Fuzzy Stuff". Wool padding for the pumpkin gives it some dimension and, with a little metallic thread plus beads, puts a little bling in this piece.
Fun Flowers*Loretta HolzbergerA/MFP-7
Have fun making some flowers that feature some of my unique stitches and techniques into a pretty bouquet. Techniques include a quad drizzle and edging with the Mediterranean knotted stitch. 


Hawaiian LeiPatti LeeB/LSA-1
Share the gift of lei with someone at their next special occasion. Popular for graduations, birthdays, welcome and farewell,
lei is a symbol of friendship, love and aloha. During class, we will make two styles of lei, including one that shares the cast-on technique used in B.E. Lei 1 is made with one or two colors of ribbon, very popular in school colors for graduates. Lei 2 is formed on straws, using decorative yarn, ribbon and Plarn, then finished with kukui nuts and a pretty bow.

Star Light Star Bright*Peggy Daschbach-Martin
It’s twilight in the fairy garden and the stars and fairies are just beginning to appear. Come learn an easy way to create the lacey wrought iron trellis. My new flowers, trailing stars, wind down the trellis on their vine. My version of Evelyne Wahl’s hollyhocks also blooms in the fairy garden. The trailing star fairy and the hollyhock fairy fly around their flowers, wearing clothes to match their petals. Finally, the first evening star appears, reflected in the fairies’ hair and helping to light the fairies on their way. Come stitch with us, have fun, learn some new techniques, and create your very own fairy garden!
Embroidered Bracelet
Nicole Gélinas
BTHP-3 & SA-3
Summer Floral *Mary-E Crichton
This lovely design by Rosalie Wakefield is meant to be a sampler covering many of the wonderful things you can do with looped stitch variations (think plain, old lazy daisy and friends). Many midsummer-blooming flowers grace this B.E. design, including daisies, crepe myrtle and accompanying ferns.
Creative Stitches B.E. Style
Charlene Newlin
Power Point presentation along with exploratory sampler stitching. Bibliography and website references provided. There will be no work on previously prepared backgrounds. However, a discussion will include any fabrics prepared in a previous class. Sequel to Sandy Watson’s painted/dyed backgrounds but not a requirement for the Painted/Dyed backgrounds; must take separately as a one-session class.


Oriental EveningMichele RoundsB/LSP-1
The cherry blossoms are in bloom on a warm oriental evening. Oriental Evening is an original hand painted design, so each one will be unique to you. Yes, it is a beginner’s class.
Water LilyLoretta Holzberger
This water lily floats on a pond beside some reeds stitched on beautiful moiré faille fabric. Learn to control the direction
of double drizzle stitches.

Sunshine’s Valentine*
Mendie CannonBTHA-1 & SP-3
Miss Miriam’s Iris
Jinx Shearer
A/MFA-6 & SP-4



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