These stitch instructions have been provided by Peggy Crawford and Loretta Holzberger The diagrams and written instructions are copyrighted. They are for your personal use.  

Loose Cast-on:  If you want the cast-on loop to be fluffy or looser, insert 1 or 2 extra large darners next to the working needle as it is planted in the fabric for the cast-ons.  Cast on over all the needles.  Pull out the extra needles before pulling the thread through with the main needle. 

Up-Down Cast-on Stitch:  For the basic cast-on, you are dropping half hitches onto the needle.  For this one you are making both the halves of a tatted double stitch rather than making all the stitches just the first half. Some designers call this the double stitch. After making the first cast-on loop, put your finger under the thread next time, bend the index finger to grab the thread and twist down and out to make the loop.  Drop it on the needle.  Alternating between the two stitches will create an up-down cast-on buttonhole stitch, which is identical to tatting.  When you have completed the number of cast-ons, pull the needle through and finish the stitch in the same way as the plain cast-on buttonhole stitch.

Double Cast-on Stitch:  For the variation you will need two working threads.  Either knot both ends of a strand, or thread two strands of floss in your milliners needle.  Come up at A.  Go down at B and bring the point of the needle back up at A but do not pull through.  Arrange your threads so one lies on the left and one on the right.  

Pick up the left thread with the right hand.  Make a twist around the left index finger and drop the loop on the point of the needle.  Snug it down.  Now pick up the right thread with the left hand.  Make a twist around the index finger of the right hand and drop the loop on the needle. Alternate between threads until you have enough loops cast onto the needle.  

Hold the loops with the left hand and pull the needle through.  Take the needle and threads down at B.


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Cast-On Stitch: A milliners needle is also the best choice for working this stitch. 

1. Come up and out at A.  Go in at B and back up at A but leave the needle there in the fabric just like doing a bullion stitch.  

2. Grasp the thread a few inches out from A with your right hand.  Put your left index finger on top of the thread and give it a twist down and around the thread picking up a twisted loop.  Drop the loop over the end of the needle and snug it to the bottom.  Continue twisting loops and dropping them on the needle until you have the desired number.  

3. Wrap the end of the thread behind the needle once in a clockwise direction.  Hold the loops and pull the needle through the fabric and loops.  Pull until the thread and loops are snug.  Take the needle down and out at B.  

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