Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

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We love our Seminar and hope every member can attend. 

Any BDEIG guild member may apply for an education grant usable for seminar expenses.    

Names are selected mid-December for grants to be used at following seminar. 

  • Deadline for submission of names (yourself or a friend) is in December of each year, with specifics provided in the November newsletter. 

Each year funds earned from quilt contributions and other guild sales are used to help members attend Seminar, BDEIG's premiere event. 

The Quilt for 2024 isn't available due to a 
number of circumstances beyond our control.

The Guild is re-grouping and exploring
new & exciting ideas for future fundraising.


Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild

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Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Closed group & Not managed by BDEIG, but many guild members participate

Each year we have a beautiful handmade quilt as a fundraising project for education grant funds.

Education Grants are for members to use at guild seminars. ‚Äč

Quilt is awarded to a grant fund contributor through a drawing held in June during seminar.  Winner need not be present.


seminar Grants


embroidered quilts for education fund-raising

Click to view close-up of an embroidered square.

‚ÄčLast Updated 01/18/2023


The quilt pictured here was organized by Charlene Newlin and designed by Rosalie Wakefield. Each block was stitched by a Guild member.