Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

International Guild, Inc.

International Guild

Back Row: Nita Douglas, Peggy Daschbach-Martin Shearer, Loretta Holzberger,

​Center: Penny Oliver, Jinx Shearer, Debbie Goff, Debbie Kelley, Rosalie Wakefield

Front: Kaaren Arndt, Pat Kamperschroer, Ruby Scruggs


1993 - Elaine Buttrick 
1994 - Charlotte Walker 
1995 - Carmel Buckland 
1996 - Rosalie Wakefield 
1997 - Florence Worcester

1998 - Peggy Daschbach-Martin 
1999 - Loretta Holzberger
2000 - Phyllis Friesen
2001 - Gayl Ratigan 
2002 - Mary Kurbis
2003 - Virginia Chapman

​2004 - Debbie Kelley 

​2005 - Charlyn Walker
2006 - Agnes Davis
2007 - Evelyn DeVries
2008 - Jean Wirig
2009 - Nita Douglas

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Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Closed group & Not managed by BDEIG, but many guild members participate


Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild

2010 - Grita Gidner
2011 - Mary-E. Crichton
2012 - Debbie Goff
2013 - Jinx Shearer
2014 - Ruby Scruggs
2015 - Polly Bingham​

​2016 - Penny Oliver

2017 - Kaaren Arndt

2018 - Pat Kamperschroer

2019 - Pat Campbell

2020 - Sandy Velin

2021 - Helen Stanaitis 

​2021 - Patti Lee

​2022 - Erin Ferre

2023 - Mendie Cannon

2024 - Judy Borreson Caruso

​Last Updated 07/04/2022

In 1993 Florence Worcester began a guild tradition.

She stitched a red rose and made it into a pin which was presented to a seminar participant who inspired others with her enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in and help.

The rose was a reminder of Florence's good friend Judy Jensen who had been an inspiration to Florence to learn and enjoy Brazilian embroidery. 

Judy Jenson Award Winners at 2018 BDEIG Seminar

Judy was a charter member of BDEIG but passed away during our first year.  Elaine Buttrick received the first Judy Jenson award.  She had come all the way from England for the seminar and really did inspire us all with her enthusiasm.  

Judy's daughter K.K. Byrnes and Evelyn DeVries put the lovely pin together for the recipients each year.  The honorees wear them on their seminar badges. 

Each year the board chooses a recipient to recognize for their contributions to the guild and positive attitudes.

Notice the red rose pins in the photograph.  lovely!

Judy Jensen Award

Presented annually during Seminar