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Bullion Stitch:  This stitch is best worked with a milliners needle. 

1.Come up at A and pull the thread through.  Insert needle at B and back out at A but do not pull the needle through the fabric.  Hold the needle and fabric in your left hand and pick up the thread at A with the right hand.  

2. Wrap the point of the needle with the thread in a clockwise direction if you are using Brazilian Z twist thread, or counterclockwise if using perle cotton S twist thread.  The wraps around the needle need to be at least equal to the space between A and B.  For a loop that stands above the fabric, the wrapped area of the needle needs to be MORE than the distance between A and B on the fabric.  

3. When you have enough wraps on the needle, gently hold the wraps with one hand and pull the needle through with the other.  Pull the thread in an upward motion until the bullion wraps are nearly down to the fabric. Straighten out the wraps with the point of your needle, rubbing them under the core thread. You might also roll the wraps back and forth between your thumb and index finger to smooth them.  Now pull the thread down toward B. If you hold the wraps at the thread end under your thumbnail as you pull the thread down it will help keep them tidy.  Finally, complete the stitch by taking the needle down and out at B.‚Äč

‚ÄčLast Update  07/01/2018

These stitch instructions have been provided by Peggy Crawford and Loretta Holzberger The diagrams and written instructions are copyrighted. They are for your personal use.  


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