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‚ÄčLast Update  07/01/2018

These stitch instructions have been provided by Peggy Crawford and Loretta Holzberger The diagrams and written instructions are copyrighted. They are for your personal use.  

Drizzle Stitch    Use a milliners needle or darner for easier threading.

This is a version of the cast-on buttonhole stitch.  The difference is that it is only attached at one end.  

Come up through the fabric with your needle and thread.  

Unthread the needle.  Place your fabric over a pincushion and insert the needle near the thread and into the pincushion.  The needle eye will be up at the top.  

Make the desired number of cast-on loops over the eye of the needle.  These can be plain, up-down, loose or any variation of the cast-on stitch you would like to use. The plain cast-on will create a spiraling drizzle. The up-down cast-on will make a firm drizzle that does not spiral.  

Thread the needle and take the tail of the thread back through the loops and fabric.  Pull only as tight as you want it; then knot the thread. ‚Äč

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